Monday, April 30, 2012

Enea to Xdin Transition

A couple months ago the Nordic consulting part of Enea was acquired by Xdin, a Swedish engineering and IT consulting company that is part of the Alten Group. The acquisition was completed in mid April. The core of the Android team is made up of people from the division that was acquired by Xdin and because of that we, and this blog are now part of the new organization.

We have already updated parts of the layout for this blog to reflect the changes and will transition the remaining parts and the domain name in the coming weeks.

Android will continue to be a focus and as part Xdin we will continue to work hard on building Android-based technical solutions. The additional resources of the new organization will hopefully allow us to take on even greater challenges and naturally we hope to be able to publish as much as possible about what we do here on the blog.

The team itself have been very busy providing training and working on projects but rest assured there are more Android posts in the pipeline to be published under our new banner.