Thursday, May 5, 2011

Android Only

Don’t miss the Android Only Conference in Malmö, Sweden in June, the dates are 13 – 14 June 2011.

The focus will primarily be on Programming and development of Android applications and services. Presentations will also cover design and user interaction, and utilities and services for the developer as well as the end-user of Android devices. Check out the details on

Enea is a Silver Sponsor for this event and our expert Mattias Björnheden will give a presentation with the title:

“Create your own Android device—working with Android on development boards”

We will run two of our popular Android trainings at the Android Competence Center in Lund (located 18 km from Malmö) in connection with the event:

15 – 17 June: “Android Platform for System Engineers”

20 June: “Android Advanced”

We will host a competition at the show, where you can win a seat at these trainings!

See you there!



  1. Is there any chance to conference happens in India.Then please inform me.

  2. android has been an increasing demand of today's age.the courses realated to programming and development of android are quite help