Monday, May 10, 2010

Android Open Source Project workflow

Thought I should share a couple of flowcharts showing how to do basic work with the platform source code. In this case we assume that there is a platform library that need some adaptations. It is impossible to cover all the steps in an overview like this but look at is as a basic guide if you have limited experience of the platform source. I have divided the guide into two different images. The first one shows the practical work itself (i.e. the "happy hacking") while the second one illustrates the steps needed to handle the change in an environment using repo and gerrit.

Part 1 - code changes
This part assumes you are working with the Android open source project for a device or some other project and have some changes that need to be made to a platform module. The utility commands described here all come from the envsetup script. There is a lot more to say about things like testing depending on your general setup but I hope this provides an illustration on how to go about making a small change in the Android platform and trying it out.

Part 2 - commit and review
Making a change is all good if you are just trying things out. In a real project however you are probably working with a setup using repo and gerrit for your project and would like to submit your changes. This flowchart provides additional details on the repo and git commands needed to go along with a change as described in part 1. 

Feel free to comment if you find these charts useful or if you think I should add or change things.

/Mattias B