Friday, September 17, 2010

Android Only conference and plans for the fall

Once again it has been low activity here during the summer months but hopefully we will get back up to 1-2 posts a month from now on. We are currently working on a demo system that combine an Android CPU for user interaction with a control system running on a separate CPU and we hope to describe the steps in some detail.

Android only

I will give a presentation on Android security concepts at the Android Only conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 29-30. Looks like it could be a really cool conference. Interesting speakers and hopefully a lot of new Android devices to check out. Follow the link for more details.

New hardware on the horizon

If you are looking for a technical post and can't wait a few more days I wrote a piece on the ARM Cortex A15 launch on the Enea corporate blog. Not directly Android but definitely mobile computing related. You can find that post here:


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  1. the demo on linkng the adndroid with CPU is quite helpful and interesting to know