Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sky Is The Limit - Now on Android Market

Finally we're releasing our first app on Android Market. The app is actually a new type of game that is using the accelerometer in an exiting way. The game is really easy, all you have to do is to throw your phone up in the air as high as you dare. As mentioned we're using the accelerometer and also some secret algorithms to calculate how high a user can throw. We are also using an SQLLite database to store the highscores on the phone and a server with a SQL database to store global highscores.

During development we accidently crashed the sensors on one phone, but considering how many throws we've done, that's ok. Included in the game is four different highscores, Phone, National, Global and also a global hisghscore based on your phone model.
Right now the Android Team record is 8.5m high! Do you dare try to beat us?!
The name of the game is SkyIsTheLimit and can be downloaded on android market. Search for "skyisthelimit". Or use the QR code with a barscanner:

Some screenshots:

/Henrik and Tommy


  1. Can't find it on the Swedish market using my HTC Hero with Android 2.1.

  2. Why would anybody try this app anywhere other than on a gym mat?

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