Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everyone wants to learn more about Android

It's been a really busy start on the new year here at the Enea Android Team. We've been fully occupied providing Android trainings all over the place. The whole Q1 is fully scheduled (if you're interested you could take a look in our training brochure at On top of that we have MWC 2010 in Barcelona coming up, where we are working on a really cool demo. We apologize for not sharing with you this last month, but please stay tuned. Interesting posts will come shortly.

Enea Android Team


  1. Hi,

    how long you will take to post the new interesting articals...

  2. Hi,

    I have quick question on Android Performance testing. Is there any tool avaialble for Android PT.

    Else can you tell me how to do PT in Android, what all are the parameters that can be used for PT.


  3. Hello
    For performance testing of applications you can use traceview that is part of the supplied tools. As for platform general performace measurements here is an article that does alot of testing It might give you a few hints it's in swedish, sorry about that but google translate might help you dig out the tools used: