Monday, September 7, 2009

Officially a competence center

There was an announcement today that the Android team here at Enea have now officially morphed into the Enea Android Competence Center. Based on this it seems fitting to add a more general post here. Currently we are engaged in some external projects which I can't say very much about except the info on the new and expanded Android section on Enea's web site. But there is also a lot of other activity in the team.

We have some application work going on where we aim to have something useful to share in a month or so. We also use that project to explore some areas around testing for Android and it is our intention to have some testing and application articles up here on the blog soon.

In the lower layers we have been working a lot with the platform framework, build system and start up as you may know if you have been following the blog. Currently we are moving into the areas of performance and security and plan some activities around that in the coming months. This will probably reflect on the blog as well.

During the summer we have been preparing flexible Android training with a focus on the platform level and that will be a part of what we offer in the competence center. There are some great people from the team that will lead these trainings. This does not mean that we will stop sharing things here on the blog. It is a way to offer some personal hands-on training for those of you who want to know more.

The blog will remain a place for mostly technical articles and discussion but now you know a little bit more about us and what we aim to discuss here in the coming months. The team is very happy with this change since it means that we are now an official part of Enea and will be able to keep working on fun projects for that very interesting mobile technology platform known as Android.


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