Thursday, March 26, 2009

Howto build sdk and plugin - copy'n'paste version

The following commands are needed when building your own sdk and eclipse plugin.
In your homedir:

mkdir ~/repodir ~/plugindir ~/eclipse-android

cd ~/repodir

repo init -u git:// -b cupcake

repo sync

source ./build/

lunch 1



./development/tools/eclipse/scripts/ ~/plugindir

make sdk

The output files are:
~/plugindir/ (or whatever date it is)
~/repodir/out/host/linux-x86/sdk/ (replace 'user' with your username)

Not much info about what they do at the moment. Execute the commands in the specified order and it should work. If it doesn't - please comment and I will try to clarify.


  1. Hi,

    I am getting below error...

    ### development/tools/eclipse/scripts/ done
    ECLIPSE_HOME not set, using /buildbot/eclipse-android as default
    mkdir: cannot create directory `/buildbot': Permission denied
    Please create a directory /buildbot/eclipse-android where Eclipse will be installed, i.e. execute 'mkdir -p /buildbot/eclipse-android && chown peeyush /buildbot/eclipse-android'.

    One more doubt..
    yo are building sdk for cupcake that is already available in android link.
    if i need to make the sdk for customized code.. what will be action..

  2. Peeyush,
    Try adding "export" when setting the ECLIPSE_HOME variable.

    As you point out, this procedure will build a standard sdk. The Android source has gone a long way since I wrote the blog post.

    You shouldn't really follow this procedure for customised code anymore, unless you really need to work with cupcake code.
    Instead, use an sdk (donut or newer) released the offical way and build an sdk add-on for your own extensions.

    The above procedure should still work, but see it as educational only, and not something you should do for production systems.

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