Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Android seminar in Lund

Our initial project in the Android team was to prepare a demo were we integrated the Enea message passing methods available in Linx with the Android platform. This demo was presented at our Android seminar in Lund, Sweden on March 10. The seminar was a success with more than 200 attendees from different companies in the wireless industry, among them ST Ericsson and Sony Ericsson. The breakfast session included a short presentation of embedded Linux in general as well as an overview of the Android mobile technology platform.

Our demo setup is illustrated below. The hardware we used for this setup was a beagle board running Android using the patches made by Embinux. The Linx kernel modules and libraries were cross compiled for the platform and added to the Android init scripts. We also created some test libraries to handle the communication.

The setup allowed a user to write and send an SMS via the standard Android SMS application. When the user press "send" we catch the number and message and call a native C-routine via Java Native Interfaces. This routine creates and sends a Linx signal to a Linux PC with a phone attached to the COM-port, acting as a modem. Finally the message is sent via AT-commands.

This way we created a demo that interacts with the real world and with a obvious effect!

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